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Vodafone 4G Is Official And Here’s How To Get It!



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Today 19th of March, 2019, Vodafone has rolled out 4G services to the general public. And this roll out was initially expected to come later this year. We have this now and that makes them the second telco in Ghana to go 4G and to rival MTN.

For all Vodafone users who are thrilled having heard this news but aren’t able to access this service , here’s what you are supposed to do;

In short, dial *700*6*1# to ready your SIM card for 4G internet access

However, if your SIM card does not support 4G, you can kindly visit any Vodafone office near you to get a 4G or LTE enabled SIM card. Also if after enabling the SIM card and you still don’t see this change it means your phone or device does not support this service.

Vodafone 4G is here to provide a better and stress free internet service for all.

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