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The well-known mobile telecommunications company; MTN in partnership with Opera, a Norwegian software company popularly known for their web browsers Opera, Opera Mini  and Opera News has provided it’s users with an opportunity to browse for free – 50mb per day.

Opera initially announced this free-browsing service in March, 2020, but was still in the making as the offer was live in only a select few countries (Nigeria and Zambia) and stated that it would soon be available in other countries. Recently, on May 28, 2020, opera officially announced that this offer had been extended to its users in Ghana as well.

The terms of this offer may vary across countries since Opera declared in their initial announcement that the first two countries that got access to this offer could only benefit if they’re on the MTN network and using the Opera News app while in Ghana, Opera specified that “The free browsing promotion applies exclusively to usage of Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite.” (..of course you’d have to be on the MTN network as well).

Despite the difference in how this offer works across countries, Opera made quite a clear indication that for any country this offer is available on, users could only browse 50mb per day excluding streaming videos or downloading. Which means for any video you watch or file you download, your normal data charges will apply. You would also have to update your Opera app to the latest version to enjoy this promotion.

Knowing how MTN is widely used and trusted for its telecommunication service and Opera’s achievement in saving 90% of data while browsing, this partnership which started in 2011 is sure to provide MTN and Opera users with a more affordable and faster mobile web experience as anticipated and aimed by MTN.

Hopefully, we’ll be getting more offers from MTN and Opera. 😊

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