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Microsoft Keeps Hinting At An October Release For Windows 11



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Microsoft has been hinting at a release date for Windows 11 around October. During last week’s Windows event, Microsoft hinted at an October release date many times, including in a Microsoft Teams post that says “eager to turn it up to 11… can’t wait for October!” Microsoft has just specified “holiday” for the release of Windows 11, but the company’s official marketing material definitely suggests October 20th.

Stevie Bathiche, a prominent Surface device engineer, sent a Microsoft Teams message to Panos Panay, Microsoft’s head of Windows and devices. Bathiche is implying either a Windows 11 release date, new Surface hardware, or both Windows 11 and new Surface devices in October.

October Release For Windows 11

Microsoft has merely stated that Windows 11 will be released “this Christmas,” without specifying a date or even a month. According to sources familiar with Microsoft’s intentions, the company plans to deliver October Release For Windows 11, in time for OEMs to ship new devices.

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Microsoft’s hints seem to point to October 20th as a likely Windows 11 release date. The date October 20th is displayed on the taskbar in the majority of Microsoft’s publicity pictures for Windows 11, along with the time set to 11:11 AM. Another marketing graphic features an October 6th date, indicating that Microsoft’s focus is unmistakably on October.

Along with Microsoft’s suggestions, Walmart is guaranteeing a “free Upgrade to Windows October 2021 when available” for a number of laptops presently on the market. Windows 11 will be available as a “free update for eligible Windows 10 PCs and on new PCs beginning this holiday season,” according to Microsoft, therefore Walmart is already touting an October release date.

However, Microsoft must still specify which PCs would be eligible for the Windows 11 upgrade. Last week, the business provided minimal criteria, which appear to indicate that only smartphones from the 8th generation and newer will be able to update. Microsoft has promised a blog post detailing the Windows 11 upgrade issue, as well as the TPM requirements.

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