Remember Your Special Occasions

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Hey folks, the second month the year has is leaving us with such erratic speed, but do not worry, Ctekgh is here for you to remain techy and updated with the ever-changing and growing tech world. The last time we introduced new apps to help track your monies, today we are going to help you stay in touch with your special events and occasions of your loved ones.

Ever had a grudge with a friend or loved about how you failed to wish them on a birthday or work anniversary, marriage anniversary and the whole lot? We got you covered.

This app helps you input the special dates you want to remember, set your preferences as to how you want to the reminder to be. For instance, the default reminder is three days prior to an event or birthday with options given you as buy a gift (linked with websites where you can get appropriate gifts), draft a message and other amazing options.

And oh, lest I forget, it synchronizes seamlessly with your contacts, events, and calendars saved to your google account s saved to your google account so you do not go through the hassle of manually keying in the event.

This application has a white gift box on a blue background encircled in white. All other applications with the name upcoming refer to something else.

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