What Apple gave us at WWDC 2019

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The WWDC 2019 keynote has got to be the best WWDC by far, at least for me 😌. And it also shows that Apple is really listening to it’s customers. Let me not waste your time and just tell you what they actually gave us:

iOS 13

The next version of iOS is going to feature a system wide dark mode. It was also made with more security and privacy for the user in mind and comes with more features up it’s sleeves. It’s said to be smoother and faster than the current version. You can see the preview here

MacOs Catalina

You can now extend your Mac’s screen to your iPad(assuming you want to do that, now you can🀷) and to take it further you can use your Apple pencil with MacOs when you extend to your iPad. You also now use all the apps you love on your iPad on your Mac too. Also packs a voice control feature. You can see the preview here


Actually this is a new product and it packs the features that would now help me justify to myself the reason why I want an iPad. Apple is making it clear the difference between an iPad( a possible computer replacement… at least that’s what they think of it) and the iPhone hence the new OS. It now supports external drives and thumb drives and a new redesigned home screen. And oh Safari gets a download manager(that’s great and all but still not going to switch to it😌). It also brings improvement to multitasking and through accessibility it add mouse support!(Apple please take my money I don’t have for an iPad 🀀) and improved file manager. I’m talking alot about this because I’m really excited. You can see the preview here

WatchOs 6

For starters let me state the obvious, New watch faces. Now helps keep track of your period and also has gotten new features to help you keep fit and stay healthy. It also now supports stand alone apps which means you can now download apps from the Appstore write from your wrist. And just like the iOS, it’s now faster than previous gen. You can see the preview here


Now this is one of the biggest if not the biggest announcement from the keynote. This is more or less the most powerful and most configurable Mac by far. It has this neat design for easy access and air flow(Which also makes it look like a cheese grater πŸ˜‚). What blows my mind is it can take up to 1.5tb of RAM(yeah you read right🀯 ) it starts at $5,999(yeah Apple take my money for the base model 😌) and a maxed out version can get up to $35,000. You can learn more here

Pro Display XDR

Simply put, Apple made a really cool but expensive monitor. The XDR in the name stands for Extreme Dynamic Range. It has industry-leading brightness, remarkable contrast ratio, and a wide color gamut and Apple says it’s the best Pro display in the world. And guess what, It is priced at $5,999 and that doesn’t come with the stand because that is sold differently at $999. You can learn more here

But all these things will be available later this year.

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