6 Solid Reasons Telegram Is Better Than WhatsApp!

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We live in a time where staying connected with family and friends is almost a must and for most people, we choose WhatsApp as the default messaging app, but what if I told you there’s an app that is way better.
This app has way more features and better encryption and even more customization options. For those of you guessing, yeah, I’m talking about Telegram. Before I go on to tell you why I actually think this app is better than WhatsApp, let me say this now that one thing you’d miss is viewing or putting up WhatsApp statuses. Now that we got that out of the way let me tell you why this app is just better.
Cloud-Based: This simply means you won’t worry if you have created your chats or to lose your chats incase you moving to a new phone or have to go through a lot of you moving to another platform. And this feature makes it possible to log in on multiple devices at the same time.
Secret Chats: As the name implies, this feature you can have a secret chat with other people in this chat you can set messages to disappear after some time. And the content of the secret chat is encrypted offline on both devices so even if you have an active session on another phone you won’t get it there.
Disappearing Photos and Videos: In the app, you can actually set timers for how long a photo or video should stay in a chat before self-destructing. This feature is useful during times when you want to share sensitive data with someone but don’t trust them enough to let them keep the file. And this actually works with or without the Secret Chat mode.
Groups: While WhatsApp only allows 256 users to be in a group, Telegram allows 200,000 users in a group. This can be used to reach more people and share files and others.
Customization: This app really gives the freedom to play around with the look of the app. You can change the colors to make it uniquely yours
File Size Limit: On WhatsApp, the largest file you can send to someone is just 100mb but when it comes to telegram you can send files as big as 1.5gb.
What do you think about these features are they enough to make you switch to Telegram or at least make you try it out. Tell me in the comments and if you have been using telegram for some time now tell me your favorite features.

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