Google Services I Loved But Was Killed

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Google is one of the most popular tech companies in the world right now, and they have a ton of apps and services used by people from different countries and background. But in recent years they have killed a lot of their apps or services that are really useful and in this article, we would look at 5 of those apps that I actually used and I currently wish they would bring back. Datally: What this app was useful for was to help you save on data. This app had features that would allow you to keep track of how much data you used and even set data limits for friends when you share your internet with them using hotspot. Google Allo: This app another attempt of google trying to create an instant messaging app. It had a google assistant chatbot built into it with all the google assistant features we know and love. Aside from that, it was basically a sort of WhatsApp made by google. Reply: Stayed as beta throughout all the time I used it, and even though it’s currently available on Android 10 as Smart Replies with systemwide support, I still love having the app because this allowed me or anyone else use it on any android device with as low as android 7. What this app did was suggest quick replies to texts and messages you received. What blew my mind the first time I used this app was the fact that it even suggested the use of emojis just like humans would do. Google URL Shortener: this was a free online tool you could use to create short versions of URLs to share with friends and this also allowed you to monitor the clicks your links got. Inbox by Gmail: this app was made in an attempt to create a more simple and productive email app aside from the Gmail app. This app quickly got lots of love from a ton of people even though most of the features it had was already in the Gmail app These are a few apps I use but were taken away from me. Did you use any of the apps on this list? Did you have any other that was not featured in this list? Tell us in the comments  

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