Ghana Ministry Of Health DISGRACED After Caught Using “Stolen” Website Theme!!

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One thing I can confidently say is that: most web developers and organizations fear being hacked at any time. As a result of this, they spend a whole of time and money to keep their website protected at all times.

Vulnerabilities in themes can cause websites to be hacked, so theme developers are always on the lookout to put out the best software possible.

When government institutions fail to pay for themes and resort to using stolen themes, not only does this hurt developers and other tech individuals but also it puts the thousands of people who visit these sites in trouble and at risk of being hacked.

Ghana’s Ministry of Health Website appears to be using a nulled (stolen) version of the popular Jannah Theme, which costs only $45 or GHS 270 – a negligible amount they could easily have paid.
Developers of the theme, who might be suffering from the loss of revenue from actions such as the one done by the Ministry of Health, or the developers who work for them, appear to have gone “Anas style”.

The developers seem to rely on some code in the theme to check whether the theme is registered and take out websites of individuals who want to use themes with paying.

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