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Samsung Unveils Bespoke Home in 2022, Expanding Home Life Possibilities



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The concept of spending time at home has altered dramatically over the last two years, as the major axis of life has migrated towards the house. As a result, household appliances have progressed from being merely items to actual partners in our daily lives and routines. The experience is much better when the design is based on the needs of the customers. This is why we’re expanding our Bespoke offering to allow more people to participate in the Bespoke Home experience.

With the debut of the Bespoke concept in 2019, Samsung’s Digital Appliances company ushered in a whole new age of personalized home appliances that go beyond the industry’s standard paradigms. Rather of relying solely on technology and functionality, the Bespoke philosophy blends consumers’ diverse wants, interests, and lifestyles into the product, propelling the industry forward.


Behind Bespoke Home 2022’s Vision

We introduced a Bespoke vision and line-up at Bespoke Home 2021 that allows people to enjoy the Bespoke home experience throughout their entire home. Bespoke appliances have since become accessible in 50 markets throughout the world, with approximately 2 million Bespoke refrigerators sold since its introduction.

The events of 2021 shaped our Bespoke Home vision for 2022, which can be summarized in three main elements: expansion of space, expansion of experience, and expansion of time. These three transformative ideas are at the heart of the 2022 Bespoke Home experience, which is designed to help you enjoy your home life in ways that go beyond what you can get from traditional home appliances.

Using a Diverse Line-up to Create Customized Spaces

To provide evolving home life experiences, the Bespoke design ethos stresses assisting people in creating bespoke houses that really reflect their likes and aesthetics. The Bespoke Home 2022 line-up not only includes all-new items and updated functionalities, but it also includes a wide range of color and design possibilities, giving consumers new and diverse ways to express their developing tastes as well as more options for home decoration. In addition, we’re adding the Infinite Line, a new tier of kitchen appliances to the Bespoke family that offers quality appliance experiences with timeless value and the ability to match the way you work in your kitchen.

Every innovation relies on connectivity.

Consumer expectations of household appliances have evolved throughout time. The Expansion of Experience, the second pillar of our Bespoke Home 2022 vision, refers to the kind of convenient, smart, and connected home experiences that customers can have thanks to the introduction of SmartThings Home Life.

Cooking, Energy, Clothing Care, Pet Care, Air Care, and Home Care are six SmartThings services that provide centralized control over Bespoke appliances in daily household management.



Eco-conscious activities and sustainable product experiences

Finally, the Expansion of Time is a component of Samsung’s “daily sustainability” goal, which was unveiled at CES 2022. We’re working hard to make sustainability a priority in everything we do, incorporating sustainability and eco-conscious innovation into every stage of the product lifecycle – from design to delivery to use and disposal – so that our customers can live more sustainable lives as a result of their interactions with Bespoke products.

Product development innovations assist us in reducing waste and increasing our waste recycling rates over time.

Samsung will continue to work toward achieving its environmental vision and goals after 2022. Samsung will continue to develop its products, services, and innovations to provide people with customised designs and features, expanded possibilities in their lives, and, most importantly, sustainable product experiences from start to finish as a leading global appliance brand.

The Bespoke Refrigerator, the first of its kind in Ghana, will be unveiled to provide consumers with new experiences in the kitchen through customisation.

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