Samsung Finally Gets A Foldable Right With The Galaxy Z Fold 2!

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It seems like a while ago since the original Samsung Galaxy Z Fold was released. Despite some initial excitement, the phone was ridden with so many issues that people seemed to give up on it quickly. Fast-forward a year later to 2020 and Samsung have decided to release the second version of their foldable flagship. Let’s take a closer look at the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and see if Samsung has finally got a winner on their hands.


The original Samsung Galaxy Z Fold came out with a price tag of $1,980 so it is quite impressive that the Z Fold 2 comes out with a $2,000 starting price. The Z Fold 2 is a massive upgrade on the original Z Fold so big props to Samsung for keeping the price relatively the same.


Arguably the most important feature of a foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 makes massive strides to improve the dodgy screen of the original Z Fold. For one thing, the plastic material used on the original is gone and has been replaced with an ultrathin glass cover material. This should ensure the device is more durable and less prone to being destroyed by falls and drops.


Aside from the screen, the hinge of a foldable phone can determine if the device is worth the buy. Samsung has been smart to implement the hinge technology from the Galaxy Z Flip in the Z Fold 2, meaning a far better hinge. Just like the Z Flip, the Z Fold 2’s hinge is strong enough to keep one half of the screen propped up for video calls and other useful features.



The Z Fold 2 utilizes an Infinity-O layout, which reveals a single 10-megapixel camera when you unfold the phone. It also has a three-camera system on the back that features 12-megapixel wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto sensors.

Disappointingly, the Z Fold 2 only has a 2x optical zoom, below the 3x and 5x optical zoom on the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. It also has no 8K video capabilities which show that Samsung cut back in camera specs to keep the price of the device down.

However, there are two camera features that salvage the camera. Dual Preview lets people on either side of the screen see what they look like before taking a photo and Adaptive Auto-Framing will register if two or more people are detected in the frame. If it detects more than three people, the algorithm will automatically switch from the main camera to the ultra-wide sensor.



Overall, it seems like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a massive improvement on the original Z Fold. Samsung listened to feedback and fixed many of the screen and hinge issues that made the original Z Fold a nightmare. While they botched the camera a bit, it is understandable to see why because this phone is more for productivity than it is for camera technology.

At a $2,000 price point, most people won’t be interested in purchasing this device. However, those people who exist at the bleeding edge of technology will happily shelve out the fortune it takes to own it and will certainly enjoy the improvements made to the phone.

What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2? Let us know what you think down in the comments section below.


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