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Chrome OS Will Soon Run Everywhere, Including On PCs And Macs



Chrome OS
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To run Google’s desktop operating system, you won’t need a Chrome OS-powered device like a Chromebook any longer.

Google has unveiled Chrome OS Flex, an early access program that will bring the company’s operating system to existing Windows and Mac devices, making it easy to not just run Chrome and receive security updates, but also to use Android apps.

“Chrome OS Flex is a free and long-term approach to modernise devices you currently own,” Google stated of the new effort, which will be available first to education and enterprise clients. “It’s simple to deploy across your fleet or just try it out to see what a cloud-first OS can do.”

Google’s Enterprise webpage is currently offering a free trial of Chrome OS Flex.

This isn’t a dual-boot option because Google’s Chrome OS Flex will essentially replace your old Windows or MacOS installation on your present hardware.

If you’re not sure if you want to convert your current work machine to run Chrome OS Flex, Google also has a way for creating a Chrome OS Flex bootable USB drive that you can use to test the operating system.

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Chrome OS Flex may be installed and loaded on an existing Windows or Mac desktop or laptop in only a few minutes, according to Google.

Advanced security, comprehensive device controls, scalable management, upgrades, and reporting and insights reports for IT managers are among the company’s capabilities for enterprise users. As an added bonus, your company’s IT staff can manage and oversee Chrome OS Flex devices alongside Chromebooks.

Google believes that Chrome OS Flex is a long-term endeavor that could lead to less e-waste by giving old Windows and Mac PCs a fresh lease of life.

Google’s newest efforts to convert old devices running competing operating systems into Chrome OS machines follow the company’s acquisition of Neverware, which offered a similar application.

Those who aren’t ready to fully commit to Google’s operating system can use a virtual machine to get the benefits of several operating systems without totally committing to Chrome OS.


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