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Everything Google announced today At Google’s Pixel Fall Launch Event



Everything Google announced today At Google’s Pixel Fall Launch Event
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Today, Google held an event to announce its new Pixel phones, but the firm did a lot more than that. Yes, Google is releasing the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, which the company has been open about in the months building up to the event. According to other sources, Google is also planning to release a Pixel Fold, a Pixel Watch, and a new Pixel Pass subscription. Those reports turned out to be only partially accurate. Although there was no mention of the Pixel Fold or Pixel Watch, Google did show off a new Pixel Pass plan today.

Where to rewatch the Pixel Fall launch event

Earlier afternoon, the Pixel Fall Launch took place. Have you missed it? You may revisit it on YouTube or on Google’s Pixel event main page. We didn’t expect many shocks given the depth of the leaks leading up to the event, but Google surprised us nonetheless.

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are unquestionably the stars of the show. The Pixel 6 will cost $599 for the 128GB device, and the Pixel 6 Pro will cost $899 for the same model. This suggests that Google’s upcoming phones will be less expensive than flagship phones such as the iPhone 13.

Google is leaning into the strength of its hardware in a way it didn’t with the Pixel 5 last year, with massive 6.4- and 6.7-inch screens, powerful camera systems, Tensor chips geared for A.I./machine learning, and wacky colors.

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Pre-orders start today, October 19, both directly from Google and through carriers, although the phone won’t arrive until October 28.

Google Pixel Pass

Google is also launching Pixel Pass, its first subscription service for its Pixel phones. This is a collection of services that are similar to Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program and Apple One.

YouTube Premium, Google’s Play Pass app and game subscription service, Google’s Fi cellular service, and Google One, as well as a Pixel phone financing plan, will be available exclusively in the United States (at least for the time being).

It will make purchasing Pixels a little less expensive. This could be a decent offer for individuals who were planning to use Google Fi anyhow and aren’t tied to a specific carrier.

Pixel Stand (2nd gen)

Google is introducing a successor to the original Pixel Stand from 2018, despite the fact that it was not explicitly addressed at the event. The Pixel Stand, which is both a stand and a charger, costs $79 and is available now. The Qi charger is compatible with a wide range of devices (from Pixel Buds to other phones), and it may be used to make video calls or simply use your phone hands-free. The Pixel Stand allows you to use your Pixel phone as a smart home controller, allowing you to control your lights and monitor your Nest cameras.

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