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Just In: Contino’s digital innovators report outlines the key factors for digital transformation success across Europe



Just In: Contino’s digital innovators report outlines the key factors for digital transformation success across Europe
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CONTINO’S DIGITAL INNOVATORS: Businesses are attempting to adjust or adapt to existing changes as the world continues to evolve. The popularity of cloud-native is growing in the modern corporate sector, and more businesses are investing in cloud-native to go forward.

Cloud-native is a time-saving business solution. Furthermore, going cloud-native lets your developer to concentrate on creating software that clients desire while still working on other projects.

Innovators Reports Showing the Benefits of Cloud-Native to Modern Businesses

The Contino digital innovators report was created in collaboration with Tech London Advocates to compile a list of specialists who contribute to an innovative transformation in their organizations. The paper includes interviews with 20 business leaders who discuss how cloud-native has changed the way they do business.

Chris Zissis – JLL

Zissis has the capacity to design a basic plan in a complex business issue and oversee the roadmap to a successful future firm. In JLL’s worldwide scaling, he has integrated a fragmented tech and data stack, enabling an end-to-end digital and automated core process.

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Zissis and his team created a world-class digital capability that allows JLL to rapidly iterate on complex data-driven products in line with ambitious product and service management plans.

JLL has become more digitally savvy and might operate smoothly during a pandemic, executing tasks that competitors would find difficult.

Carola Wahl – AXA

Carola created AXA’s fundamental corporate strategy, which focuses on digitizing and automating the core business while creating a disruptive sphere in the transportation and health sectors.

Carola gathered information in a central location. She employed AI, for example, to reduce process times from weeks to a few hours inside a day and to handle claims. Her innovation also ensured that natural language processing was used to construct chatbots for employees and customers, resulting in a 10% improvement in conversion rates.

Carola also assembled a 30-person data science team and dispersed them throughout the company, bridging the gap between business and technology. She was successful in bringing the corporate structure together in order to make procedures more nimble and flexible.

Kathryn Tingle – Sainsbury

Tingle joined Sainsbury’s in 2016 and has since overseen a number of remarkable transformation efforts. The supply chain had to be in line with Argos’ network. Tingle came up with the name “North Star” to help him succeed.

To achieve transformation, Kathryn placed a heavy emphasis on having a clear vision. She focused on the return on investment and advantages, and she communicated each stage to the stakeholders to remove roadblocks.

During the epidemic, Sainsbury’s was able to quickly expand click-and-collect locations and delivery slots across the UK thanks to this digital innovation. They could give priority to disabled, aged, and other vulnerable clients in retail stores with limited access.

Anant Patel – UK Principal Finance

Patel joined Investec Bank Plc UK Principal Finance as a founding member. He worked as the CIO of Corporate and Institutional Banking, where he built a staff of 200 people to oversee the company’s technological infrastructure.

Patel thought about the distribution networks, customers, products, and technology. He mapped these elements against one another, resulting in a responsive strategy that met the bank’s strategic goals.

Shifting to the cloud was a critical aspect of this digital breakthrough. Patel might look at several aspects of transferring essential tools and platforms in order to improve end-to-end automation and flexibility, not only scalability.

Hima Mandali – Solarisbank

When Mandali arrived, Solarisbank, Europe’s top Banking-as-a-Service platform, needed an inventive specialist.

Solarisbank is a one-of-a-kind banking-as-a-service provider. Mandali needed to design a fully API-based platform that had scale flexibility to service millions of clients regardless of their location owing to the limitations of their existing legacy provider.

Madali emphasized simplicity and was able to ensure that operations were flexible and self-contained. Solarisbank’s products are now available through lightweight API endpoints, allowing customers to integrate and construct their own user journeys and financial products. Solarisbank’s newer platform is more user-friendly, and they could launch a brand-new bank in as little as five months.

Furthermore, among the other prominent brands in Germany, Samsung Pay teamed with Solarisbank. Solarisbank transferred their entire platform on AWS throughout the pandemic, with no downtime for customers. Because the bank is currently working in the cloud, replicating its platform is more convenient.

The Need to Embrace Cloud Native

Cloud-native architecture is intended to help your organization focus on producing value, writing code, and improving customer experience by leveraging scalable, distributed, and public cloud flexibility.

You abstract from various infrastructure layers when you go cloud-native, including servers, networks, operating systems, and many others. This abstraction allows you to write simple code to define infrastructure. Furthermore, when you run a lightweight script, you can demand a variety of infrastructures, such as a database, operating system, servers, and more, and have them up and running in a matter of seconds.

Finally, your developers will just have to worry about creating code to orchestrate the infrastructure required for the business, and the application will code itself.

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