Just In: Huawei Technologies Ghana has trained over 40,000 young women in STEM this year

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Through its first digital technologies training program, “Seeds for the Future Women in Tech,” Huawei Technologies Ghana has trained over 40,000 young women in STEM this year, with the goal of educating and empowering more women with the necessary skills to take on jobs in the tech ecosystem.

Girls from the Ashanti, Central, Eastern, Western, Greater Accra, and Northern regions of Ghana have benefited from the training, which began in September of 2021.

Students were exposed to digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, basic ICT skills training, coding programs and languages such as Scratch, HTML, and C++ through the Huawei Seeds for the Future- Women in Tech program, while others were taught the necessary guidelines to keep them safe in cyberspace.

the majority of the beneficiaries were Senior High School students, some Junior High School kids who participated in the fundamental ICT skills and coding training shared how the program enabled them to develop games, tales, and operate laptops on their own with little help.

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Industry experts from the Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence (AITI-KACE) led a workshop on Financial Technology (FinTech) for traders in the Northern, Eastern, Western, and Greater Accra regions, with the goal of boosting their businesses, economically empowering them, and enabling them to take advantage of digital technologies to improve their livelihood.

Huawei Ghana collaborated with the Rebecca Foundation, the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration to ensure that the first edition of the Seeds for the Future Women in Tech program went off without a hitch.

Huawei successfully trained over 40,000 Senior High School girls in Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security in Ghana’s Ashanti, Central, and Eastern Regions in conjunction with the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization’s Girls in ICT initiative. The Rebecca Foundation also teamed with Huawei to teach coding to 600 junior high school girls and financial technology to 150+ women (traders).

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Huawei partnered with the University of Ghana’s Confucius Institute to provide a Chinese cultural experience workshop for about 150 women in the Ga Central Municipality, as well as training 1,000 junior and senior high school girls in coding and basic ICT skills.


Huawei believes that greater chances and support should be provided to women as part of the Global Leading ICT Company’s commitment to supporting gender equality, so that they have access to both education and training in order to participate in the digital economy.

Apart from Ghana, Huawei has already launched dedicated digital skills training programs for women in Ireland, Argentina, Bangladesh, Kenya, and South Africa.


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