Just In: Samsung Ghana unveils impressive premium consumer electronics range for 2021

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Samsung, as a consumer electronics company, can always be counted on to provide well-designed, feature-rich devices for its throngs of customers. This year’s product line is no exception. When it comes to premium items like smartphones, televisions, and smart home appliances, you can count on Samsung to wow.

Samsung’s premium consumer electronics for 2021

Samsung’s premium consumer electronics for 2021 Samsung Ghana unveiled an outstanding lineup of premium consumer electronics that are ready for the Ghanaian consumer market earlier today.

Apart from the smartphones introduced at Galaxy Unpacked in August, Samsung Ghana has other premium consumer devices on exhibit, all of which were developed with next-generation technology in mind, keeping the user’s ever-changing needs in mind.

Samsung FlexZone refrigerator

This refrigerator, which costs GHS 9,999, comes with a slew of features and functions that make it well worth the money.

When it comes to manufacturers who provide energy-efficient home appliances in the modern era, no one does it better than Samsung.

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The appliance has four separate cooling settings to provide consumers with some convenience. This implies that if you need to chill certain beverages quickly, you won’t have to hope and pray that your refrigerator will anticipate your request and rapidly chill your party drinks to the right temperature. Simply set the temperature and you’ll be done in no time.

This is also handy for users who have special requirements, such as maintaining medication at a temperature recommended by their doctor or the drug’s manufacturer.

Samsung AddWash laundry machine

You can control this washing machine from your smartphone thanks to AI technology and WiFi.

Unlike ordinary washing machines, which cannot be paused after the cycle has started, the AddWash allows you to pause the cycle to add any forgotten items that need to be washed – hence the name AddWash. Isn’t that very convenient?

The AddWash is available for GHS 4700.

Samsung Wind-Free air conditioner

This air conditioner, unlike typical air conditioners, learns and adapts to your routines. For example, if you often raise the temperature from 18° C to 23° C at some point throughout the night, the AI technology in your appliance adapts and easily ensures automatic switches throughout the night.

The goal of this device is to help you save money on your energy bills, and in Wind-Free mode, you can save 77 percent on your bill.

Also, because this is a smart gadget that you can link with your smartphone, you can control the air conditioner at home from your office, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

You may direct the draught of air away from yourself to any location in the room where you won’t be affected by severe temperatures thanks to the motion-detecting sensor. The outside unit of this air conditioner is also coated with an anti-corrosion layer, making it ideal for people who live near the sea. The price of this cool appliance is GHS 3600.

In our next piece, we’ll go over Samsung’s 2021 premium consumer electronics collection, which includes smart televisions and other equally groundbreaking devices.

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