Twitter Recently Enables Tabbed Option To Toggle Between Home And Latest Tweets

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Twitter Support announced the ability to soft-block irritating followers in October. Users can remove followers without telling them using this function. Twitter has now issued a new version that makes it easier for users to navigate between the two timeline formats.

Regular Twitter users are probably already aware of the two feed options: latest and home. As the name implies, “latest” tweets show users the most recent tweets as they happen, whereas “home” tweets show them the most popular tweets from the accounts and topics they follow. Previously, users had to click the star option at the top right-hand corner to convert between these two modes. Twitter’s latest update makes it easier to transition between the home and the latest screens.

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On the main feed, users will see the home and latest timelines on different tabs so they know which perspective they’re looking at. This makes moving between different viewing modes much easy. This new tabbed functionality has been available on some iOS phones since October 13, and it will be available on Android and the web in the coming months. Twitter hasn’t said if the toggling option would be permanently withdrawn or will be available alongside the new tabbed view as an alternative.

In April 2020, the toggle option was added to Twitter for Mac, and it has proven to be highly useful in customizing material to one’s tastes. There were concerns earlier this year that the star button will be eliminated after the toggle option vanished for some users, but those rumors were quickly debunked.

Twitter has made a number of changes to its site, including altering the color of liked tweets from red to pink and providing an auto-dark mode for Android users. Users have requested an edit option regularly, and Twitter’s official account joked that an edit button for the social media giant would only be introduced if everyone wore a mask. Let’s hope the dream becomes a reality as soon as possible.

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