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Windows Users Can Now Manage Their iCloud Passwords



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Apple’s new, dedicated iCloud Passwords app will provide you with some much-needed new features if you sync your iCloud Passwords with Windows. The software, which is included in the iCloud for Windows 12.5 update, allows you to search through your saved passwords, update them, add new ones, and erase login information you don’t need.

Apple’s website describes how to use the new tool to manage your iCloud Passwords, but it’s very simple. You can open the app from the Start menu and make any necessary changes to your passwords. Your Apple devices will be updated as a result of your modifications.

iCloud Passwords

Earlier this year, Apple added support for iCloud Passwords on Windows. An iCloud for Windows update in January provided support for a Chrome extension that allowed you to utilize the passwords currently in your iCloud Keychain as well as create new ones through Chrome.

That extension had a difficult launch, but it was eventually made available to customers in a usable state. It’s still included in iCloud for Windows 12.5’s password management system, and the update adds support for an Edge version of the extension (in principle, Chrome extensions should work with Edge, but iCloud Passwords’ ratings on the Chrome web store indicate that this wasn’t the case).

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If you switch between Windows and Mac, this upgrade makes utilizing iCloud to sync your passwords much more feasible (or who uses Windows and an iPhone).

The ability to see and search through a list of your saved passwords provides more versatility than the browser extension, and the ability to manage your passwords eliminates the need to go to an Apple device to make changes to your logins.

While the new tool isn’t as comprehensive as a dedicated password manager (or, for that matter, Keychain Access on Mac), it’s a vast improvement over the limited management options Windows users previously had for their iCloud Passwords.

The 12.5 update for iCloud for Windows is now available, and you can obtain it by searching for updates in the Windows Store. If you don’t already have iCloud Password synchronization enabled on your Windows PC, you’ll need to do so via iCloud Settings before you can use the password manager, but it’s a quick process.

To acquire the security code, you’ll need an Apple account that uses two-factor authentication, as well as an Apple device running iOS 14 / macOS 11 or later. You’ll also need to set up Windows Hello — but don’t fret if your machine doesn’t have biometric authentication; you can use a PIN instead.

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