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5 Best Credit Card Bill Payment Apps in India (With Cashback Offers)



5 Best Credit Card Bill Payment Apps in India (With Cashback Offers)
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CREDIT CARD: Credit cards are a convenient way to pay. Every purchase you make earns you deals and discounts in addition to rewarding points. Interestingly, by using certain payment applications, you might be rewarded for paying your credit card bills. Here are some of the finest credit card bill payment applications in India that reward you for paying your credit card bill with cashback and other benefits.

The card-issuing bank’s mobile app or online banking are two options for paying your credit card bill. The bill is paid immediately and without any complications. However, if you have a lot of cards, it can be exhausting. Furthermore, there are no benefits to using this strategy.

You can pay your credit card bills with ease using a variety of new-age payment apps available on the market. You gain the ease of paying and managing all of your bills in one location, and some applications even give you cash back or other incentives in return.

Here are some of the finest credit card bill payment applications in India that you may use to pay off your bills while also earning incentives or cashback.


Cred is India’s most popular credit card bill payment software. Every time you pay a bill, you will be rewarded with an equal number of Cred coins. After that, you can trade these coins for deals.

To receive cash incentives, claim mystery cashback after paying a bill of at least $1,000. The program offered good prizes at the beginning, but these have since been substantially reduced. As a result, don’t expect enormous offers.

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Cred also allows you to connect your Gmail account to automatically download credit card statements, but if you have privacy concerns, you can disable this feature. There’s also a one-of-a-kind referral program that pays you $500 for referring friends.

To register on Cred, you must have a solid credit score.


1 Pay your credit card bill via UPI or net banking (minimum of ten dollars).

2 Get a mystery payback when you pay your bills.

3 Reminders for payments, a smart statement, and a free credit score

How to Use

1 Log in to Cred, create an account, and add your card.

2 To get started, go to the Cards section. For the card, tap Pay Now.

3 Enter the amount and pay using Cred UPI, other popular UPI apps, or your bank account.

4 If the mystery cashback is available, claim it once you’ve completed the task.


Amazon Pay is a payment service provided by the e-commerce giant Amazon. You may use Amazon to pay your credit card bills in addition to paying for mobile and other services.

You do not get guaranteed cashback using Cred. You do, however, occasionally receive offers in the form of prizes. In Amazon Pay > Your rewards, you can look for incentives on credit card bill payments. The offer banner can also be found in the Credit Card Bill section.


1 Make a minimum payment of $100 to your credit card bill via UPI or net banking.

2 Cashback incentives on card bill payments on a sporadic basis

3 Get a free credit report

How to Use

1 Go to your phone’s app store and download the Amazon app.

2 Go to the Amazon Pay portion of the website.

3 Select Credit Card Bill from the drop-down menu.

4 On the bill payment page, look for any offer banners.

5 Enter your card information and pay the bill using Amazon Pay UPI, another UPI ID, or net banking.


Paytm is India’s most popular payment app. You can easily pay your credit card bills using it. While there is no permanent cashback structure, a limited-time campaign offer is now available.

On bill payments of $5,000 or more, you can earn a scratch card worth up to 1 lakh reward points. It’s worth noting that 1 lakh reward points equals $1,000. Every card transaction will earn you a minimum of 1,000 points.

Cashback incentives are subject to change at any time. As a result, double-check before paying. Except for VISA and Mastercard, Paytm allows you to pay bills with debit cards.


1 Pay your credit card bill using your Paytm balance, UPI, debit cards, or net banking (minimum of 1).

2 Occasional bill payment incentives

3 Bill reminders on a regular basis

4 Use your credit card to pay your rent.

5 Credit Score for Free

How to Use

1 Go to the Credit Card Bill Payment page on Paytm.

2 If your card number hasn’t previously been entered, do it now. Look for deal banners as well.

3 Tap Proceed after entering the bill amount.

4 Pay using the method of your choice.


When you pay your credit card payment with the Mobikwik app, you get Supercash as a reward. You can use this Supercash to make payments in the app later (up to 5% per transaction).

You can also pay your credit card bill with your debit card if you don’t want to use UPI. This is beneficial if you want to meet spending goals with your debit card, and it’s a win-win situation. You can also pay with your Mobikwik wallet, which incurs a 1.5 percent convenience fee plus GST.

Mobikwik, on the other hand, just had a massive data breach. Also, several people have complained about late credit card payments, so take that in mind.


1 Pay your credit card bill with a debit card, UPI, or Mobikwik balance (minimum of 1).

2 Get Supercash when you pay your bills.

How to use

1 Launch the Mobikwik application.

2 Tap Credit Card after selecting All Services.

3 If you haven’t already, enter your payment card information.

4 Enter the amount and, if applicable, a coupon.

5 Use UPI, Mobikwik wallet, or a debit card to pay.


PhonePe, too, allows you to pay your bills with a credit card. When you pay bills, you get scratch cards with up to Rs. 1000 payback, much like when you pay others or complete other transactions. It’s straightforward and allows you to pay practically all credit card bills with UPI.


1 Pay your credit card bill via UPI (at least once)

2 Get scratchcards when you pay your bills

3 Use your credit card to pay your rent.

Instructions for Use

1 Launch the PhonePe application.

2 Select Credit Card Bill from the Recharge & Pay Bills menu.

3 Enter your credit card number as well as your cellphone number.

4 Enter the amount and complete the transaction.

Pay Your Credit Card Bills and Get Rewarded

These are the best credit card bill payment applications in India that reward you for paying your bills with cashback and prizes. Overall, Cred remains an appealing alternative due to the features it offers, followed by Amazon with its infrequent deals.

However, it is best to examine all of the available applications for offers before deciding which one to use. Which one do you favor, in any case? Do you have any more apps to recommend? Please let me know in the comments section below.


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