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Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft Edge has a new hidden function that keeps you safe while exploring the web in the latest edition. The feature, dubbed “Super Duper Secure Mode,” increases website performance while also disabling a browser engine that hackers frequently exploit.

Super-Duper Secure Mode, according to Microsoft, works in two ways: balanced and rigid. Balanced will learn which websites you visit and will trust them to use the Just in Time Engine (JIT), which accelerates JavaScript tasks. Strict, on the other hand, may cause some websites to break, but it will disable the Just in Time Engine for added protection. Edge users can also create their own exceptions if needed.

“Performance and complexity come at a price, and we often pay that price in the form of security issues and subsequent patches.” Looking at CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) data after 2019, around 45 percent of CVEs issued for V8 were connected to the JIT engine,” said Microsoft Edge vulnerability research lead Johnathan Norman.

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Norman also stated that turning off JIT improves user security. Half of the V8 problems are fixed, which means fewer security updates and emergency fixes, which can be frustrating for enterprise users.

To try out the Super Super Secure Mode, upgrade Microsoft Edge to version 86 today. Simply select Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge from the three dots at the upper right of the screen. The browser can then be restarted. Visit Edge:/flags and choose Enabled after the browser has been restarted. If you discover that the functionality is causing problems with websites, simply disable it or set it to Default.

This is just one of Microsoft Edge’s numerous security and efficiency features. Other features include rigorous anti-tracking, tracker blocking, and the ability to submit do not track requests. In Microsoft Edge, there’s even a new Efficiency mode. Edge will be able to cut CPU and RAM use when your PC is running low on battery. as a result of which you will be able to complete more work when on the move

Microsoft keeps track of user comments and updates Edge with new functionality. Sign up to be an Edge Insider and experience the Beta, Canary, or Dev versions of the browser to access these features first.

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