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With More Ads And Editing Features,Meta Launches Reels In Facebook Globally



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Meta is introducing its TikTok-clone Reels on Facebook in over 150 countries, making the function available through the service’s iOS and Android apps.

In addition to boosting Reels’ accessibility, Facebook is introducing additional editing features to the platform’s Facebook version and expanding advertising choices. The majority of these capabilities are already accessible on Facebook Reels in the United States and abroad, as well as Instagram Reels in over 50 countries.

Like Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels users will be able to “remix” (duet) other people’s films and upload snippets up to 60 seconds long. They’ll be able to store drafts, and Meta will be releasing new video clipping tools “that will make it easier for producers who upload live or long-form, recorded films to explore alternative formats” in the coming months.

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Meta is also expanding the number of monetization advertising available in Facebook Reels – in other words, more ads. There will be two new ad formats: banner advertisements that appear “as a semi-transparent overlay at the bottom of a Facebook Reel” and static sticker ads that “may be put anywhere within a creator’s reel.”

The business will also roll out paid Stars and provide creators access to its automatic ad-placement scheme in “almost all regions where in-stream adverts are available” (a way for fans to directly donate to creators).

Users will be able to post Reels in more places on Facebook in the “coming weeks,” according to Meta, including in Stories and the platform’s Watch tab.

Notably, the corporation provided no updated data on the success of their Reels platform. Although Meta has been incredibly successful in mimicking some of its competitors’ features (such as replicating Snapchat’s Stories option on Instagram), its potential to compete with TikTok in the short-form video arena remains in doubt.

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