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PODCASTING: A podcast is a collection of audio episodes that may be downloaded to a smartphone and are focused on a specific topic, such as start-ups. It can be advantageous to various types of clients in various ways.

The best aspect is that it is not difficult for anyone with a degree of authority on a certain subject to start podcasting in India on a budget. Although the output of an audio file is identical to that of a podcast episode, only the latter can be downloaded.

Are They Repurposing the Radio?

Podcasting is more than just recycling radio; it’s about creating fully original content. Those who are able to use India’s best podcast platform would be able to break away from traditional radio formats and create specialty topics. The following characters can be found in most podcasts:

1 They can cover almost any issue, including those that would never be considered for radio.

2 They can be broadcast at any time (daily/monthly) and in any frequency.

3 Lengths range from one-minute news clips to four-hour interviews.

4 There are four different show types to choose from, ranging from simple to massive multi-person audio plays.

Every podcast listener will be able to discover something they like. Most podcasts focus on a specific topic, which the hosts discuss in each episode. It might be quite particular, such as dog training or triathlon racing, or it can be very general, such as how to be happy. Each episode will be focused on the original topic and will feature one or two presenters.

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Podcasts can be as simple as a group of friends discussing one or more of their shared interests. These are less expensive than professional podcasts, which are more costly to produce. The latter requires more time and involves sound effects and professional editing.

Professional Podcasts

There are now a few internet podcasting services in India that can assist individuals in hosting their own podcasts. They use the most up-to-date studio software to produce the sound quality that people desire. It is critical for someone who is just getting started with this type of platform to get their voice heard first. The platform also has several amazing features that can be used over time.

In podcasting, distribution is crucial. The podcast company that is offered should be able to assist the creators with distribution to other key platforms such as Gaana and Spotify. Detailed metrics can even be used to track the growth of the podcast with each performance.

.Available Customer Support

To make it simple to host and broadcast each podcast, podcasting websites must be able to provide exceptional customer care. These websites are continually provided ratings for these services, assisting podcasters in reaching huge directories.

India’s Podcast Statistics

According to KPMG’s Media and Entertainment Report 2020, India’s podcast consumption increased by 29.3 percent in the first year of the current pandemic. According to PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020 report, India has 57.6 million monthly listeners, making it the third-largest podcast consumer (after the United States and China).

HT Smartcast (HT Media’s podcasting service) reached 1 million monthly listeners in March 2020, and by the following year, it had grown to 6 million.

The way people listen to podcasts has also evolved. Previously, the most usual periods would have been commutes, chores, and workouts. Despite the fact that commuting times have decreased in the last two years, tasks have grown in length. In the audio space, 2020 was also a time of a lot of improvisation and experimentation.

More Content in Different Languages

In India, there is currently a lot of local content available in a variety of languages. Given the diversity of languages spoken in this area, there will always be a huge need for podcasts in many languages and platforms.

Video Content vs. Podcasts

In comparison to visual material, all podcasts will allow users to incorporate content into their everyday routines in a non-intrusive manner. This material will not demand your full attention and will blend into the background seamlessly. As previously stated, it readily becomes a part of mid-day breaks, commuting, and post-work hours.

Both podcasts and videos are representative of the current era. Podcasts are more versatile than videos due to their formats and delivery mechanisms, and so reach a bigger target audience.

Businesses benefit from the ability to download them anywhere, whether at home, work, in the vehicle, or at the gym. There are also some scenarios where recordings cannot be watched, such as jogging and walking the dog.In contrast to videos, the equipment needed for podcasts is substantially less. Podcasts are ideal for folks who have never dealt with video equipment before or who are self-conscious in front of the camera.

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