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The best to-do list apps for students



The best to-do list apps for students
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To-do list apps: As summer vacation draws to a close and back-to-school season approaches, there’s no better time than now to start getting organized. Organizing your life begins with to-do lists, whether you’re returning to high school or college for another semester or just starting your studies. Instead of using a pen and paper, there are numerous excellent to-do list applications available that may help you plan your day, arrange study sessions, and even recall key personal activities.

We’ve compiled a list of the best to-do list apps for students now available on Android and iOS to save you time testing out each one. So, to relieve stress and increase productivity, look through our list of apps to discover the one that’s ideal for you.

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Todoist (free/premium)

There’s a reason Todoist is one of the most popular to-do list applications for students. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate, and you can quickly add due dates and reminders for impending assignments or tests. Simply check the box to the side of a task when you’ve finished it. Color-coded boards make kanban-style organization a simple, categorizing your to-dos so you may have numerous to-do lists for home, school, and whatever else you need. One of the best aspects of Todoist, though, is how simple it is to cooperate with others. Are you collaborating on a project with a friend? Simply give them jobs from your to-do list, and you’ll be able to track their progress. Todoist also allows you to track your productivity patterns, allowing you to identify when you’re most motivated and when you could use a boost.

The software also works with all of your favorite apps, like Gmail, Slack, Amazon Alexa, and others. Todoist’s basic functions, such as adding new tasks, setting deadlines, and assigning priority, are free, but you’ll need to upgrade to Premium, which costs $4 per month or $36 per year.


Habitica is the app for you if you’re the type of student who isn’t inspired by a to-do list or simply prefer a more enjoyable way to crossing items off that list. This program turns your activities into games, making cooperating with others and checking things off your to-do list enjoyable. You’re represented in the app by a character who looks like it belongs in an RPG, and if you’re a gamer, you’ll recognize what happens next. As you complete activities on your list, your character will acquire experience and gold to spend, as well as cute pets to collect. If you don’t do an assignment before the deadline, your character will be damaged.

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It takes a little time to get started with Habitica and set up your task list, but with distinct categories for Habits, Daily Goals, and your To-Do list, you’ll be organized in no time. Teaming up with pals to combat monsters and hold each other accountable for assignments is one of the app’s biggest features, and it’s available for free. A premium subscription, which starts at $5 per month, is also available.


Memorigi is a colorfully coordinated app that you should try if you prefer your apps to be colorfully coordinated. This Android-only software combines a to-do list, task organizer, and calendar, making it simple to stay on top of your studies and other responsibilities. Make a to-do list, then add reminders for courses, projects, or study sessions; make goal lists for the week, month, or semester; or make reading lists. The My Day feature emphasizes the chores you need to complete today, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed by a long list of things to do, and the Upcoming view makes planning the week or month ahead simple. Memorigi allows you to build chores and to-do lists in a variety of categories, each with its own set of fun, colorful icons. You can even attach photographs and files to your lists and tasks. Memorigi also includes cloud sync, which allows you to view your lists, projects, and tasks from any device.

Memorigi is free to use, but you can purchase to Premium to combine your tasks with Google Calendar and have access to the Nag me feature, which is useful if you procrastinate frequently. Premium members can also view productivity data to track their development.


What app can keep you organized and is compatible with Android, iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, and WatchOS? 2Do! Don’t be deceived by the basic style of this software. Create tasks, checklists, and projects quickly and effortlessly, set reminders and alerts, and add notes and attachments. Thanks to straightforward sharing, it’s simple to collaborate on projects with others, and the tag and search tools make finding assignments a breeze. You can protect your lists and chores with passwords, and you can even integrate with your email to add tasks on the go (for an extra $4). 2Do is a popular to-do list tool that you can use both online and offline.

2Do is free to use, but a $20 per year Premium subscription unlocks features like Cloud and Dropbox sync, multiple reminders, and the location feature. Before committing to a subscription, you can sign up for a 14-day Premium trial. The aforementioned location feature is quite useful: simply add a location to your assignment, and the app will notify you when you’re nearby. That’s ideal for reminding you to pick up milk on your way home from the grocery or to check out a book from the campus library.

Remember the milk

For most students, “busy” is an understatement of how stressful life can be, which is why you need a planner. Keep in mind the Milk. This oddly-named tool makes it really simple to build to-do lists and share them with others, which is ideal for teamwork on projects or task lists. Once you’ve set up your chores and reminders, the app will remind you via notifications, IM, Twitter, text, or email — or all of these, if necessary — to stay on track. Remember the Milk syncs across all of your devices and connects with a variety of other apps such as Twitter, Gmail, and Google Calendar, making it simple to set due dates, prioritize tasks, and repeat them. Tags make it simple to organize your to-do list and tasks, and the search option makes it simple to find tasks.

The app is completely free, but paying $40 per year for a Pro subscription unlocks advanced capabilities such as limitless storage and sharing, an Apple Watch app, colored tags, file attachments, and more.

Kids To-Do List 

The final app on our list is for younger students who are returning to school — or who are beginning school this semester. Kids ToDo List is a fun picture-card planner that allows children to rapidly create a to-do list based on their daily routine, such as washing their faces, brushing their teeth, eating breakfast, taking the bus to school, and so on. You can record a voice telling what the task is for all picture cards, and you can even make your own picture cards and sounds. Simply tap the stars when you’ve completed a task to receive fish to collect. This software is a fun approach for young children to learn about routines and planning their days, as well as to establish healthy to-do list habits.

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