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All Users Can Now Tag Products In Their Posts On Instagram



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Instagram’s product tagging feature is now available to all US users, so you don’t have to have a business or creator account to use it. The feature will be made available to everyone “over the next few months,” starting today. Instagram has evolved into a shopping app, and now you can get the same look your friends are sporting in their photos.

Product tagging was first introduced in 2016 as part of the platform’s first foray into e-commerce, and it has since been supported in video posts and stories (and, eventually, Reels). A native checkout feature that lets you buy products directly from tags was added to Instagram as the platform’s shopping experience evolved, and creators were given the ability to tag products in their posts as well.

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To add a product tag, begin by writing a post as usual. Next, select the “Tag people” option to include a brand name in your post’s description, after making any necessary adjustments to your filter. Click on “Tag products” and then search for a product from that brand to add a tag to your image or video. To make a purchase, other users will be able to tap on the product tags in your post. Currently, Meta is testing an affiliate program with a select group of creators that allows them to earn a commission from sales of tagged products, according to Meta spokesperson Anne Yeh, who spoke to The Verge.

There are currently more than 1.6 million Instagram users who tag at least one product in their posts every week. Increased visibility for products through organic, non-sponsored posts could open up a whole new market of users eager to share the products they use with their friends and family on the app, which has an estimated 2 billion users.

Tagged products appear in a special tab on a business’ Instagram profile when one of their posts is shared. Instagram promises to notify business owners when one of their products is shared. From their account settings, brands will also be able to turn off tags from everyone on the platform.

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