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Microsoft Starts Testing Secret Windows 11 Features Like Wallpaper Stickers And Tablet Mode



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Microsoft looks to be working on a number of new Windows 11 features that it has yet to publicise. In the current beta version of Windows 11, references to stickers for desktop backgrounds, the ability to hide the taskbar for tablets, and a sustainability area in Settings have all been revealed. The new functions were discovered only a few days after Microsoft revealed that it will be testing further experimental Windows 11 features.

Albacore, a Windows aficionado, tweeted about the new personalization tool in Windows 11 that allows you to add stickers to your desktop wallpapers.

You’ll be able to choose stickers for a background and change them from the desktop, according to screenshots. Stickers are widely featured in chat apps. Widgets are available in Windows 11, however they can’t be pinned to the desktop, so stickers might be a better option for desktop customization.

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However, stickers may be confined to a single display, and references to the feature in Windows 11 include educational policies. Windows 11 SE is now available on new low-cost laptops for schools, and it’s tuned so that apps always run fullscreen on a single monitor. It’s possible that the new stickers feature will be included in Windows 11 SE or other consumer-oriented Windows 11 editions.

Albacore has also identified references to what appears to be pieces of Windows 11’s tablet mode returning. “Automatically conceal the taskbar while using your device as a tablet” is a new taskbar setting that has arrived. In Windows 11, Microsoft mainly abandoned most of its typical tablet-mode capabilities, but it had planned a slew of gestures and modes for its aborted Windows 10X project and dual-screen tablet devices.

A new sustainability area of the Windows 11 Settings appears to offer energy-saving and device-recyclability advice. Microsoft appears to be rebranding Focus Assist to simply Focus, 

Most Windows 11 testers do not yet have access to these features, and Microsoft has yet to acknowledge their existence. Windows enthusiasts, such as Albacore, have “found that several functionalities are purposely disabled” in the current Windows 11 test releases, according to Microsoft. “We will only communicate about features that we are actively enabling for Insiders to check out,” Microsoft said.with the ability to schedule the silent mode using Outlook.

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