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Microsoft to make Windows Terminal the default Windows 11 command line experience



Windows Terminal
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Next year, Microsoft intends to make Windows Terminal the default command-line interface in Windows 11. While Windows 11 now allows you to designate Windows Terminal as your preferred terminal emulator, the Windows Console Host has always been the default terminal emulator. Because Microsoft has never officially approved the replacement of this console host, command prompt and PowerShell will always open in Windows Console Host.

“By 2022, we want to make Windows Terminal the default experience on Windows 11 devices,” says Kayla Cinnamon, a program manager at Microsoft for Windows Terminal. “We’ll start with the Windows Insider Program and work our way through the rings until everyone running Windows 11 is up to date.”

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While most Windows users will be unaffected by this change, developers will soon see Windows Terminal instead of the Command Prompt if they try to open it. It’s a change that brings the general Windows console environment up to date, especially because Microsoft has worked hard to make Windows Terminal a good home for developers.

Following a surprising announcement at Microsoft’s annual Build developers conference that year, Windows Terminal first appears in Windows 10 in 2019. Multiple tabs are supported in the Windows Terminal software, as well as themes, customisation, and complete GPU-based text rendering and emoji support.

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